Jay McCleskey is a political strategist and political media specialist

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Jay McCleskey is someone who understands the unique politics of New Mexico better than most. This is because he has a wealth of experience in working in that political battlefield state, having worked on countless campaigns there. Jay McCleskey made his name in the political consulting world by working in New Mexico. Jay McCleskey is a political strategist and political media specialist who thoroughly understands both the demographics and the politics of New Mexico. Jay McCleskey got started at the most local level, working for a number of challengers, mainly. He soon found himself involved not only in the most important campaigns in New Mexico, but also in campaigns of national importance.

Jay McCleskey worked on local Republican Party campaigns that brought him to the attention of the political strategy and communications industry in New Mexico. Jay McCleskey ran a number of successful challengers’ campaigns, helping to unseat incumbents at both the local and state level. He even participated in a campaign that unseated a thirty year incumbent of the New Mexico State House of Representatives—who was also the longest serving Speaker of the House at the time. After this, Jay McCleskey served for a time as the Executive director of the Republican Party of New Mexico.

Jay McCleskey ran the Victory operation for the Republican National Committee in 2004 in New Mexico. This was an integral part of the overall coordinated campaign to ensure President George W. Bush’s re-election in 2004. New Mexico was a vital battleground state which had previously gone for the Democrats, but that year it turned red for the Republicans. After this, Jay McCleskey worked for the RNC as a Regional Political Director for four years. He also worked on the campaign of Richard Berry, who ran for Mayor of Albuquerque and became the first Republican Mayor of that city in over twenty-five years. McCleskey was the lead consultant for the Susana Martinez for Governor campaign too, helping her to become the first female Hispanic Governor in the U.S.

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